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  • Box Canyon Dairy
    After visiting a Green Source customer's dairy who was running a RotaryMATE EXPD and RotaryMATE EXPS, Box Canyon's herd manager said, "Outside of the birth of my children, these robots are the most amazing thing I have ever seen!"

    — Box Canyon Dairy


  • Sunrise Dairy Farms, Arizona
    A new trend is emerging in the dairy industry with farmers planning for automation in advance and constructing Purpose-Built Dairies. Rather than retrofitting it, Sunrise Dairy started their project with automation in mind and built and designed their 72-stall Delaval rotary parlor specifically to use the Green Source Automation RotaryMATE EXPD.

    — Sunrise Dairy Farms, Arizona


  • Valsigna Farms, Hilmar, California
    I have been extremely pleased with the RotaryMATE solution and how it has allowed my barn to run more smoothly. My workers are happier and the cows are less stressed and healthier since adding the post-dip robot to our operation… I am looking forward to adding the RotaryMATE EXPS on the pre-milking side of the rotary to reduce additional human variables in the barn and bring more consistency to our cow teat-handling environment.

    — Tim Wickstrom, Valsigna Farms, Hilmar, California


  • Charles Ahlem Jersey Ranch, Hilmar, California
    We see the RotaryMATE as a logical addition to our rotary milking parlor. We have been looking for the added consistency that the system gives us, along with its ability to allow us to save on teat dip usage. We are using less dip, and its being applied more accurately and consistently. The RotaryMATE has given us that capability!

    — Chuck Ahlem, Charles Ahlem Jersey Ranch, Hilmar, California


  • River Ranch Dairy - Hanford, California
    I think the best way to run a dairy is to always be looking forward — to look at what's best for the cows, for the employees, and for the business as a whole. To do that you have to look at new technologies.

    — Jack De Jong, River Ranch Dairy, Hanford, California


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    Green Source customers have faced and overcome the same challenges that many of our new customers face, from labor challenges to climate to other process-related aspects of the operation in the barn. Draw on the experience of farmers that have already implemented rotary automation and contact us for a visit to one of their barns.

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