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River Ranch Dairy - Hanford, California

River Ranch Dairy - Hanford, California

Jack De Jong runs the River Ranch Dairy in Hanford, California. The ranch has over 5,000 milking cows. The River Ranch Dairy under De Jong is a prime example of how integrating key technologies can improve operations and make a dairy more successful.

"I think the best way to run a dairy is to always be looking forward-to look at what's best for the cows, for the employees, and for the business as a whole. To do that you have to look at new technologies."

After running the RotaryMATE EXPD for over a year, the decision was made to start working through the ideas of automating the other side of the rotary with the RotaryMATE EXPS Pre-Unit. That process is well under way.

"Together we are working on many aspects of our cow handling systems. Automation forces change, but after looking at how other industries have truly benefitted from it, we know the reward is worth the effort," De Jong said.

In terms of cost savings from having the system installed, the labor savings are felt immediately. The savings from the more efficient usage of chemicals also have a big impact on the profitability of the dairy.

De Jong said, "We have studied our dip usage with the GSA Post-unit installed and the results were exactly what Green Source promised."

usage was reduced, delivering ...