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RotaryMate News


Green Source Automation has been the leader in high-speed automation for the dairy industry since the release of the first RotaryMATE post-dip robot (EXPD). The success of the RotaryMATE EXPD and EXPS (pre-stimulation) robots have cemented this leadership position in the market with installations throughout the United States at large dairies.

While the EXPD and EXPS are designed for the large external rotary parlor, Green Source Automation's product development roadmap has always included a plan for the smaller, internal rotary parlor. These smaller rotary parlors are very well-suited to benefit from automation and have unique characteristics that allow for a variation on the EXPD and EXPS solutions.

Green Source is pleased to announce the launch of the development of the RotaryMATE INPD, a post-dip robot designed specifically for internal rotary parlors.

From the start, Green Source Automation made the decision to work with high-speed, high-impact rotaries to prove its concepts in the harshest environments. Now, having proven its ability to operate in the large rotary environment, the timing is right to move the technology to the slower, low-impact internal rotary parlors. The experience gained through extensive operation in the challenging large rotary parlor environment enables Green Source Automation to design the optimal solutions for internal rotary owners, reducing their costs and delivering a reliable, time-tested technology.

With the RotaryMATE INPD, the intersection of form, function, and economic feasibility make it a powerful solution for dairy owners operating an internal rotary parlor.

"This is a natural step in the evolution of automation in the dairy industry. Over the last five years, we've continued listening carefully to the market to identify the needs of the dairymen, and the INPD will not disappoint. It will allow dairymen to replace human labor with robust, reliable robotic automation. The rotary will operate without stopping and at normal speeds, while the cows are precisely sprayed with post-dip," said James Frias, President of Green Source Automation.

With hundreds of millions of teats analyzed and treated in live dairy operations, no other high-speed automation technology is as field-proven as Green Source Automation's RotaryMATE. With the RotaryMATE INPD, even more dairymen will be able to take advantage of the benefits that automation brings to a dairy operation by incorporating it into their internal rotaries.

For more information contact Green Source Automation at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or call 209-531-9163.