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Product Information

Rotary milking parlors

The rotary milking advantage

The rotary milking advantage: Cow cooperation and continuous flow!

Since their introduction to commercial dairy operations, rotary milking parlors have continued to outperform standard herringbone and parallel milking parlors. Well managed rotary parlors easily exceed six turns per hour, with full, pre-milking preparation procedures vs. four turns per hour for state-of-the-art parallel milking systems.


The RotaryMATE system

When the first RotaryMATE robot was launched, it was a groundbreaking technology, designed to marry the efficient cow-throughput of a rotary parlor with the consistency and accuracy of a commercial robot.  After years in the market and as adoption of the technology has increased, now farmers all across the country are benefiting from the implementation of this automation solution.  With more than 250 Million teats processed, the RotaryMATE is the only field-proven solution in the market.