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  • RotaryMATE EXPSplus sets new speed records

    Reaching 3.6 seconds per stall the RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS can now help process 1,000 cows per hour

    Jerome, ID June 10, 2022 — Green Source Automation ("GSA") is pleased to announce that the RotaryMATE EXPSplus is now operating at speeds up to 3.6 seconds per stall. GSA has long been at the forefront of rotary dairy automation and this latest accomplishment demonstrates their continued commitment to staying at the leading edge of automation in the dairy industry.

  • RotaryMATE EXPSplus Off to an Impressive Beginning

    It’s hard to believe that only three months have passed since Green Source Automation announced the official release of our new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS robot. The ability to eliminate two or more labor positions around the rotary with this combination dip, clean, sanitize and wipe robot has been very compelling to dairy farmers across the country and our sales team has been hopping to keep up with demand. Among other things all these new robot installations mean that most farmers in the country are going to be within driving distance of a working GSA RotaryMATE that you can see in person.

  • Green Source Automation introduces the RotaryMATE EXPSplus

    Green Source Automation introduces RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS, a revolutionary advancement in rotary dairy automation.

    Jerome, ID - February 1, 2021: Green Source Automation (“GSA”) announces the release of the new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS, a combination dip, clean, stimulate, and wipe dairy automation robot. The RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS can eliminate two or more labor positions on a rotary dairy at the pre-dip and wipe stations, while achieving speeds up to 4.2 seconds per stall.

  • RotaryMATE EXPSplus named one of the top ten new products of the year

    RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS named one of the top ten new products of the year

    Green Source Automation is proud to announce that World Ag Expo®, the largest agricultural trade show of its kind, has selected GSA’s new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS as one of the top ten new products of the year.

  • Transitioning to a Rotary Dairy Parlor

    You’ve read about them, you’ve seen them in action and you’ve run the numbers. Now you know the most powerful way to exploit continuous flow production methods is by going rotary. There is simply no other method of milking cows that is as fast, efficient, and productive, and there is no other way to operate with so little human labor.

  • Beyond Labor Savings, The True Benefits of Automation

    Everyone understands the idea that robotic labor can provide significant cost of labor savings but there is so much more to dairy automation. After working with dairymen around the world to implement our automation solutions we’ve seen many benefits we never anticipated and we continue to hear about new ones from our customers.

  • Robots at Work, Seeing is Believing

    Want to visit a barn and see our RotaryMATE dairy robots in action? We also offer virtual tours and our product videos are fascinating to watch.
  • Clarity, Reliability and Partnership Through GSA’s Integrated Assurance Program

    Green Source Automation created the Integrated Assurance Program to partner with our customers to maintain our RotaryMATEs reliability and consistency while making costs completely transparent for the life of the program.

Robotics Make Your Dairy Farm More Efficient

Green Source Automation has developed rotary robot solutions for both automatic predip and automatic postdip positions that have continued to evolve while becoming faster and more accurate. We’re now achieving speeds as fast as 4.2 seconds per stall and our products come with performance guarantees that ensure continued efficient and effective results.

Our work with dairy robotics has brought us into many different rotary parlors giving us a depth and breadth of experience that continues to give us insights into rotary robots and their application in dairy automation. Green Source Automation’s commitment to innovation and best in class performance has helped us become a leader in rotary dairy automation.

Our flagship products include the RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS  and the RotaryMATE EXPD.

More than just a teat spray robot, The RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS provides automated teat spraying, teat cleaning, teat sanitizing, teat stimulation and teat drying. The automatic predip and wipe procedures provided by the EXPS not only provide significant labor savings by eliminating at least two labor positions but they also help ensure that the pre-milking process is consistent and accurate. That consistency can result in reducing the occurrence of bimodality, lower somatic cell counts, faster milk let down, increased milk production, and healthy, happy cows.

The RotaryMATE EXPD is a teat spray robot that provides automated postdip application. Our patented VisiMAX technology lets the rotary robot see in real-time 3D affording us pinpoint accuracy in dip application. Users not only see significant labor savings they also use less dip and reduce their dip costs significantly, ensuring a timely ROI.

Integrated Assurance Program

Green Source Automation is committed to the ongoing success of our clients. The Integrated Assurance Program is our way of partnering with our customers to ensure that our rotary robots continue to operate at peak performance. The IAP also helps us reduce costs of entry and provides total transparency to our customer’s costs for the life of the program.