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Our DNA is Automation

About Green Source Automation

Green Source Automation was born out of the extensive automation and robotics experience of Ram Mechanical Inc. (RMI), a visionary global leader in industrial automation which dates back to the mid-1980s. Over fifteen years ago a few progressive dairymen approached RMI to discuss dairy automation alternatives for their milking parlors. Out of these conversations Green Source Automation was born and our unique solutions have continued to evolve.

While the modern rotary dairy parlor dates back to the 1970s, it wasn’t until its reintroduction in the 2000s that valuable efficiencies were first truly realized. The dairy industry has seen a rotary revolution over the last twenty years and GSA has been an important leader in that process. The application of continuous flow production in the rotary parlor has been significantly impacted by our dairy robots and we have helped create some of the most efficient and productive dairies in history. At the site of one of our latest projects, you will find 6,000 cows being milked by only two milkers with our teat-cleaning, teat-sanitizing, and teat-stimulating robots working at a speed of 4.4 seconds per stall.

GSA started with a postdip teat-spray robot that continues to evolve, and which has led to revolutionary innovations on the predip side of the parlor. Our product developments have helped change what’s possible in the dairy world and made us an award-winning innovator in the world of automation. As one of many industry leaders in the Fernandez Holdings family of companies, GSA benefits from the financial strength of Fernandez Holdings and the ability to leverage the expertise of sibling companies to enhance our success and deliver long-term, sustainable growth.

Green Source News

RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS sets new speed records

Reaching 3.6 seconds per stall the RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS can now help process 1,000 cows per hour

Jerome, ID June 10, 2022 — Green Source Automation ("GSA") is pleased to announce that the RotaryMATE EXPSplus is now operating at speeds up to 3.6 seconds per stall. GSA has long been at the forefront of rotary dairy automation and this latest accomplishment demonstrates their continued commitment to staying at the leading edge of automation in the dairy industry.

Green Source Automation introduces the RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS

Green Source Automation introduces RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS, a revolutionary advancement in rotary dairy automation.

Jerome, ID - February 1, 2021: Green Source Automation (“GSA”) announces the release of the new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS, a combination dip, clean, stimulate, and wipe dairy automation robot. The RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS can eliminate two or more labor positions on a rotary dairy at the pre-dip and wipe stations, while achieving speeds up to 4.2 seconds per stall.

RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS named one of the top ten new products of the year

Green Source Automation is proud to announce that World Ag Expo®, the largest agricultural trade show of its kind, has selected GSA’s new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS as one of the top ten new products of the year.