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GSA Customers Reap a Multitude of Benefits from Industry Leading Dairy Automation Solutions

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Green Source Automation has customers throughout the US and Canada as well as the EU with herd sizes ranging from 800 to 20,000. In partnership with our customers we continue to evolve our automation solutions and the dairies they serve. Our wide variety of customers means we have extensive experience in many different kinds of barns. We have adapted our dairy robotics to a wide number of existing barns and we have helped plan the design and construction of new ones to maximize the efficiencies created by dairy automation and help make sure our customers’ cows are happy, healthy and productive.
"I have been extremely pleased with the RotaryMATE solution and how it has allowed my barn to run more smoothly. My workers are happier and the cows are less stressed and healthier since adding the post-dip robot to our operation… I am looking forward to adding the RotaryMATE EXPS on the pre-milking side of the rotary to reduce additional human variables in the barn and bring more consistency to our cow teat-handling environment."
Tim Wickstrom, Valsigna Farms, Hilmar, California
"After visiting a Green Source customer's dairy who was running a RotaryMATE EXPD and RotaryMATE EXPS, Box Canyon's herd manager said, 'Outside of the birth of my children, these robots are the most amazing thing I have ever seen!"
Box Canyon Dairy
"We see the RotaryMATE as a logical addition to our rotary milking parlor. We have been looking for the added consistency that the system gives us, along with its ability to allow us to save on teat dip usage. We are using less dip, and its being applied more accurately and consistently. The RotaryMATE has given us that capability!"
Chuck Ahlem, Charles Ahlem Jersey Ranch, Hilmar, California


CASE STUDY: California, Herd Size 2500, Rotary Stalls 50


flex labor position

This California dairy used a flex labor position that was responsible both for monitoring and attending to cows as they were being milked as well as for applying the post-dip chemicals to the cows prior to exiting the rotary parlor. This created several challenges for the dairy including a labor pool that was stretched too thin, inconsistent application of the post-dip chemicals resulting in high dip usage and wasted product as well as animal stress and worker stress.


Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE EXPD and RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS


reduced post-dip chemical usage by up to 35%

This dairy started by deploying a RotaryMATE EXPD and that dairy robot reduced post-dip chemical usage by up to 35%, contributing to significant cost savings. The RotaryMATE EXPD was more effective at applying the post-dip with the proper coverage on the teats on a 24/7 basis. This had the benefit of eliminating a variable point if the somatic cell counts were to rise, effectively allowing the herd manager to focus on other areas and other variables that may be the root cause of the somatic cell increase.

The dairyman was so pleased with the effectiveness of our teat spray robot that he decided to automate the pre-dip and wiper positions as well with a RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS to perform teat cleaning, sanitization, pre-stimulation and wiping.

The dairy workers are now able to accomplish their tasks with greater effectiveness and productivity because they do not have to cover the pre-dip, wiping or post-dip positions. This resulted in increased morale, improved attitudes, labor savings and an overall more positive environment with a kind of consistency in the pre-dip, wiping and post-dip areas that is not humanly possible. Ultimately this resulted in happier, more productive, cows.

The dairyman reported to us "I have been extremely pleased with the RotaryMATE solutions and how they have allowed my barn to run more smoothly. My workers are happier and the cows are less stressed and healthier since implementing GSA’s automation solutions."

CASE STUDY:  Arizona, Herd Size 3500, Rotary Stalls 72


Planning for future growth and expansion


Green Source Automation provides facilities engineering and design services at no charge


A new trend

A new trend is emerging in the dairy industry with farmers planning for automation in advance and constructing Purpose-Built Dairies. Green Source Automation is at the forefront of this trend and we have been helping dairymen plan and construct some of the most advanced parlors in the industry. In this Southwest dairy the RotaryMATE EXPD was integrated into construction of this dairyman’s new barn. Additional conduit and components were also put in place during construction to be available for further automation in the future without additional disruption. By preparing for automation in advance, the process was seamless, the technology installed smoothly, and the herd acclimated quickly to the robots.

CASE STUDY:  Ontario Canada, Herd Size 1100, Rotary Stalls 60


The owner at this dairy had issues with labor.

First, showing up on time, showing up at all and consistency in milking. They were milking twice per day at 4:30 AM and 3:30 PM for 3 hour shifts. Finding part-time labor was getting harder and harder and labor costs were rising fast.

They had successfully employed automation in other areas of the dairy, an automated feeding kitchen and robotic feed pusher and calf feeders, so why not bring it into the parlour? The dairyman knew that if they could automate just one position in their rotary parlour they could reduce the need for one employee per shift.



By utilizing a RotaryMATE EXPS from Green Source Automation to perform all the predip functions including teat cleaning, teat sanitizing and teat stimulation the dairy would be able to solve the challenge of finding quality labor as well as improve the milking process. By providing automatic predip procedures the EXPS rotary robot also offers significant labor savings.


The RotaryMATE EXPS was a perfect fit

The RotaryMATE EXPS was a perfect fit and it has not only solved their labor issues but it has proven to offer a variety of other advantages. Before the RotaryMATE came to the parlor it took three staff members to perform the twice-daily milkings. Now they get it done with only two workers. The RotaryMATE not only solved their labor headaches, but it is also saving labor costs as well. Because of the labor savings and consistency, they were able to add more cows and start milking 3 times per day. Night shifts in the parlor now only have one person in the parlor and one person switching groups.

The dairyman also found that the consistency provided by the robot has contributed to their best milk let down yet and they now see less mastitis, fewer kick-offs, and less defecation. When he told us about his results with the RotaryMate he added a surprising observation, “You know what else I’ve noticed,” he said, “the robot never has a bad day and it never takes frustrations out on a cow. It just does its job time and time again.”