Charles Ahlem Jersey Ranch

Hilmar, California

Industry Leadership and Innovation

When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Charles "Chuck" Ahlem as the undersecretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture in 2004, he based his decision on Chuck's leadership experience and forward-thinking view of agriculture.

Chuck Ahlem is the owner/operator of Charles Ahlem Ranch in Turlock with 4,000 Jersey milking cows and farming 1,100 acres. In addition, he is a founding partner of Hilmar Cheese Company, which annually produces more cheese from its Hilmar, California site than any other facility in the world.

Cow comfort and consistency add up to improved productivity

With that background in mind, it makes it easier to understand why the Charles Ahlem Ranch was the first facility to utilize the RotaryMATE system. They were one of the first dairy's to install a rotary milking parlor in California. They based their decision on cow comfort and cooperation, and the rotary system's level of efficiency.

"We see the RotaryMATE as a logical addition to our rotary milking parlor. We have been looking for the added consistency that the system gives us, along with its ability to allow us to save on teat dip usage. We are using less dip, and its being applied more accurately and consistently. The RotaryMATE has given us that capability!" comments Chuck.

Green Source Automation is proud to be a part of Chuck's drive toward innovation and industry leadership!


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