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RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS Off to an Impressive Beginning

12 May 2021

It’s hard to believe that only three months have passed since Green Source Automation announced the official release of our new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS robot. The ability to eliminate two or more labor positions around the rotary with this combination dip, clean, sanitize and wipe robot has been very compelling to dairy farmers across the country and our sales team has been hopping to keep up with demand. Among other things all these new robot installations mean that most farmers in the country are going to be within driving distance of a working GSA RotaryMATE that you can see in person.

Beyond Labor Savings, The True Benefits of Automation

21 October 2020

Everyone understands the idea that robotic labor can provide significant cost of labor savings but there is so much more to dairy automation. After working with dairymen around the world to implement our automation solutions we’ve seen many benefits we never anticipated and we continue to hear about new ones from our customers.

The Rotary Revolution

21 October 2020

The Rotary dairy parlor dates back to 1913 when Henry W. Jeffers first conceived the idea for the Rotolactor. The project was tabled for World War I but development resumed in 1928 when the Borden Company agreed to back it. It was finally unveiled on November 13, 1930. This bovine merry-go-round could wash and milk 50 cows in twelve and a half minutes.

Dairy Automation In the Age of Pandemic

21 October 2020

Green Source Automation has always prioritized our commitments to maintenance and service at the highest levels right along with the health and welfare of our customers, associates and their animals. The world relies on dairy producers as a vital part of the food chain and we do not have the option to cease production without significant impact to the global citizenry.

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Transitioning to a Rotary Dairy Parlor

21 October 2020

You’ve read about them, you’ve seen them in action and you’ve run the numbers. Now you know the most powerful way to exploit continuous flow production methods is by going rotary. There is simply no other method of milking cows that is as fast, efficient, and productive, and there is no other way to operate with so little human labor.