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RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS Off to an Impressive Beginning

12 May 2021

It’s hard to believe that only three months have passed since Green Source Automation announced the official release of our new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS robot. The ability to eliminate two or more labor positions around the rotary with this combination dip, clean, sanitize and wipe robot has been very compelling to dairy farmers across the country and our sales team has been hopping to keep up with demand. Among other things all these new robot installations mean that most farmers in the country are going to be within driving distance of a working GSA RotaryMATE that you can see in person.

In a time when the costs and uncertainties in the labor market are increasing, GSA’s new robot, a Top Ten New Product at the 2021 World Ag Expo®, has arrived just in time. The RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS is designed to automate the pre-dip and wiper positions and it is doing so at speeds up to 4.2 seconds per stall or better. The economics are making the decision to install this new system very easy for dairy farmers who operate, or want to operate, a rotary dairy. As attractive as our original pre-dip robot, the RotaryMATE EXPS, was, this multi-function successor is impossible to ignore.

The economics of automation with GSA are significant and include labor savings, reduced chemical expenses and the almost complete elimination of laundry costs. The costs savings alone will cover the robot costs in a very short time, just how short depends on your specific needs but we’ve seen them pencil out from less than twelve months to three years. Cost savings are only the tip of the iceberg however; our customers have discovered that the RotaryMATE robots can operate with a consistency unachievable by humans. They not only reduce farmers’ need to rely on labor markets but their consistency and quiet operation results in a calmer barn with happier, more productive, cows. Significant additional interest over the last year has been focused on the role of dairy automation during a pandemic. Our diary robots don’t get sick and they don’t bring that sickness into your barn.

GSA has the tools and information to help you analyze the potential return on investment our RotaryMATE dairy robots can provide to your dairy and we have the experience and knowledge to help you understand the challenges and benefits of dairy robotics. You can find videos of our dairy robots in action on our website and we would love to arrange for you to visit one of our customers to see for yourself what is possible when you partner with us for dairy automation solutions.

Prepare for Automation

Build your new rotary milking parlor with dairy automation in mind. Green Source engineers will work with you at no charge to ensure that your new rotary is built for the future of the dairy industry.

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