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GSA Pioneered rotary automation 10+ years ago

In 2007, GSA installed its first RotaryMATE system, a fast, accurate robot that eliminated labor at the dipping positions. What started as a dream over lunch, has grown into the leading solution for quality and durability in efficient milk harvesting.

“When we looked at the possibility of automation in the dairy industry, we saw an amazing opportunity. With the acceptance of rotary parlors as the most efficient way to milk a lot of cows, we validated that many of the concepts we had developed for other industries would work well in the dairy industry as well,” said James Frias, president of GSA.

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4.7 Seconds per Stall – GSA continues to drive innovation

Green Source Automation has continued to build on its success in the dairy industry. One of the latest completed projects validates the RotaryMATE as the clear leader in high-performance milk harvesting. A new GSA customer is currently milking over 13,000 cows twice a day on two 106-stall rotary platforms. These platforms, equipped with GSA’s RotaryMATE EXPS and EXPD units, only require three staffed labor positions per platform to accomplish this feat. In terms of the number of cows milked each day for each staffed position, the dairy is milking over 4,300 cows per position each day. Many dairies strive to be half this efficient. This dairyman’s forward-thinking vision combined with the automation leadership of GSA has resulted in one of the most efficient dairies in the world.

GSA’s innovation has allowed the rotary to turn at speeds previously unheard of in automation. The RotaryMATE system has now broken the 5-second per stall barrier, and can now process cows as fast as 4.7 seconds per cow.

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GSA expands lead in the automation race

Another dairyman has joined the dairy automation revolution that Green Source Automation began nearly a decade ago. Box Canyon Dairy will start with one RotaryMATE EXPD post-dip robot and is preparing their new 80-stall Delaval rotary for adding the RotaryMATE EXPS pre-dip robot in the future.

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Green Source RotaryMATE Outperforms Human Labor

A recent study confirms that Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE outperforms the human labor it is intended to replace.

Dairy research at universities and other institutions across the US and around the world have consistently shown that Somatic Cell Counts decrease when proper pre-milking and post-milking processes are applied to the cows. In particular, using predip and postdip has a marked impact on the reduction of mastitis and improvement in SCC.

Other studies have shown that improperly executing the pre-milking and post-milking processes will not help and, in some cases, even have a negative impact on herd health and SCC in the milk.

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Green Source Expands into Europe

Green Source Automation continues its steady revolution of the dairy industry through high-speed automation of the rotary parlor and will be installing new RotaryMATE systems in the European market in 2016.

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Dairymen Continue to Choose Green Source for Their Automation Needs

CERES, CA – Green Source Automation announced another new customer coming on board in the Midwest United States. VDS Farms has fully embraced dairy automation and is installing two RotaryMATE robots on its 40-stall rotary parlor, one robot for the Pre-milking position (RotaryMATE EXPS) and one robot for the Post-milking position (RotaryMATE EXPD).

"We have seen the dairy industry moving in this direction for many years now and have been preparing for this at our dairy," said Camille Vanpee, Director of VDS Farms. "Green Source Automation is the clear leader in rotary parlor automation and we were very impressed with what they’ve accomplished at other dairies. We’re excited to bring the robots to our barn and take advantage of the consistent, reliable processing of the herd and all the benefits that come from that."

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More customers adopt Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE

As you look at the dairy industry overall, one thing is clearly evident – robotic automation is shaping the future for large and small dairymen alike. Technological advances in the space have been happening for decades, allowing dairymen to do more with less manual labor.

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Benefits of Green Source Automation Extend Beyond Labor

Green Source Automation's RotaryMATE robots continue to deliver consistent, reliable performance for its customers. From the beginning GSA knew that saving money on labor by replacing inconsistent manual labor with fully automated robotics would be a primary driver of adoption of the RotaryMATE by dairymen.

What GSA suspected would also be true were other improvements in the barn and the herd as a result of improving consistency in the Pre and Post-milking positions.

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The Purpose-Built Dairy – planning for automation

For years, Green Source Automation has been promoting the benefits of high-speed automation to dairymen around the world. The solutions GSA has developed allow dairymen to add automation to their existing rotary parlors – in effect retrofitting them into their rotary parlors. But a new trend is emerging in the dairy industry with farmers planning for automation in advance and constructing Purpose-Built Dairies.

At Sunrise Dairy Farms in Arizona, the Gingg brothers saw the Green Source technology in action and determined that it was exactly what they needed to implement in their new rotary parlor. Rather than retrofitting it, the Ginggs started their project with automation in mind and built and designed their 72-stall Delaval rotary parlor specifically to use the Green Source Automation RotaryMATE EXPD.

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Green Source Automation has been the leader in high-speed automation for the dairy industry since the release of the first RotaryMATE post-dip robot (EXPD). The success of the RotaryMATE EXPD and EXPS (pre-stimulation) robots have cemented this leadership position in the market with installations throughout the United States at large dairies.

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