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RotaryMATE EXPSplus named one of the top ten new products of the year

RotaryMATE EXPSplus named one of the top ten new products of the year

11 December 2020

Green Source Automation is proud to announce that World Ag Expo®, the largest agricultural trade show of its kind, has selected GSA’s new RotaryMATE EXPSplus as one of the top ten new products of the year.

Threemile Canyon Farms recognized for Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability

16 June 2020

"Cows are milked in carousels designed for efficiency and healthy, humane treatment. Key to management are radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Sort gates help limit human interaction and 'let cows be cows.' Pre- and post-dip robotics have reduced human contact and human error, resulting in a 17% reduction in mastitis."

Green Source Automation Update Regarding Covid-19

23 March 2020

At Green Source Automation, we recognize the important role our clients play in providing essential food to the world. As some of us have personally witnessed empty dairy coolers recently it has become clear just how critical it is to the world to continue to produce quality milk as safely and efficiently as possible.

Dairy Automation In the Age of Pandemic

23 March 2020

Green Source Automation has always prioritized our commitments to maintenance and service at the highest levels right along with the health and welfare of our customers, associates and their animals. The world relies on dairy producers as a vital part of the food chain, and we do not have the option to cease production without significant impact to the global citizenry.

Progressive Canadian Dairy Adds Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE

10 March 2020

Hogendoorn Dairy, located in Baden, Ontario, Canada, is a shining example of how RotaryMATE automation solutions can be applied to dairy operations of all sizes. Hogendoorn is currently milking 480 cows twice a day on a 60 stall rotary system. In this instance Green Source Automation’s products were applied specifically to address labor challenges.

GSA Pioneered rotary automation 10+ years ago

24 April 2018

In 2007, GSA installed its first RotaryMATE system, a fast, accurate robot that eliminated labor at the dipping positions. What started as a dream over lunch, has grown into the leading solution for quality and durability in efficient milk harvesting.

“When we looked at the possibility of automation in the dairy industry, we saw an amazing opportunity. With the acceptance of rotary parlors as the most efficient way to milk a lot of cows, we validated that many of the concepts we had developed for other industries would work well in the dairy industry as well,” said James Frias, president of GSA.

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Green Source Automation’s rotary dairy customers experience healthier animals with reduced somatic cell counts and reduced likelihood of bimodality. Our automatic predip and automatic postdip dairy robots result in more consistent and often increased milk production, faster milk let down, and significant labor savings that pay for the technology in a short period of time and add to the bottom line for years to come. The Green Source RotaryMATE system can achieve the same results for you.

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