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Cutting-edge Automated Robotic Pre- and Post-Milking Technology for Rotary Parlors

Cutting-edge Automated Robotic Pre- and Post-Milking Technology for Rotary Parlors

06 September 2011

Green Source Automation prepares launch of the Pre-Unit

Following the recent success of Green Source Automation's RotaryMATE Post unit (RotaryMATE EXPD — the automated robotic technology used to apply post-milking dip to teats), GSA customers are now excited for the release of the new Pre unit. The RotaryMATE EXPS Pre-unit is built on the same proprietary imaging and robotic technology as the Post, allowing it to effortlessly clean, disinfect and stimulate teats prior to the attachment of the milking cups.

From the field

"I think the best way to run a dairy is to always be looking forward — to look at what's best for the cows, for the employees, and for the business as a whole. To do that you have to look at new technologies," said Jack De Jong of the River Ranch dairy in Tulare, CA.

One way Jack is implementing this philosophy is by forging ahead with the vision of an automated high speed rotary. After running the GSA robotic post dip Unit for over a year, the decision was made to start working through the ideas of automating the other side with the EXPS Pre-Unit. That process is well under way now.

"Together we are working on many aspects of our cow handling systems. Automation forces change, but after looking at how other industries have truly benefitted from it, we know the reward is worth the effort" De Jong said.

The hallmark of the Green Source Automation technology is that it accurately processes cows, while maximizing the greatest benefit of the rotary parlor, continuous motion. "No other system in the world can claim that." stated James Frias, President of Greensource Automation. "The end result is an overall consistent, habitual environment for the herd. This is good for the animal, and of course adds to the bottom line" said Jim.

Saving costs, Increasing Profitability

De Jong continued, "We have studied our dip usage with the GSA Post-unit installed and the results were exactly what GSA promised."

The typical pay-back from Labor and Chemical cost savings alone on a Post-unit is 24 to 30 months. With the addition of the Pre-Unit and GSA dips and sterile solutions it is even less. With the GSA Rental Program, the cost-savings can payback the investment in a matter of months.

Prepare for Automation

Build your new rotary milking parlor with dairy automation in mind. Green Source engineers will work with you at no charge to ensure that your new rotary is built for the future of the dairy industry.

Contact Green Source Automation for a free consultation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 209-531-9163.

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