Dairy Automation In the Age of Pandemic

Green Source Automation has always prioritized our commitments to maintenance and service at the highest levels right along with the health and welfare of our customers, associates and their animals. The world relies on dairy producers as a vital part of the food chain and we do not have the option to cease production without significant impact to the global citizenry.

While we haven’t often viewed our dairy robots in this way the current Covid-19 Pandemic shines a new light on dairy automation. Robots don’t get sick. Robots don’t leave their positions and risk exposure and robots don’t stop doing their jobs.

The current pandemic has not only increased the use of robotic technology around the world it has seen a variety of new uses for existing robots. Agriculture robots and drones have been converted to disinfectant sprayers and deployed throughout China. Robots are being used to disinfect hospitals, public places, and transportation systems. They are being used in patient care modalities as well as the testing and manufacturing of vaccines and drugs. Robots and drones are being deployed by public safety agencies and they are being used throughout various steps in the supply chain from inventory picking to the loading, transportation and delivery of goods.

Robotic automation can be used to address staffing shortages and social distancing issues while increasing efficiencies in production and improving economic outcomes. With Covid-19 in mind, Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATES eliminate contact points between animals and humans and their end of arm tools are continually immersed in sanitizing solutions. Not only have they reduced staffing load, they are not going to call in sick or become quarantined because they have been exposed to a virus.

There are, of course, still concerns to address. For our RotaryMATE teat spray robots and teat prep robots with brushes to continue to operate at the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness they must be maintained properly and that often means human interaction. Green Source Automation is taking important steps to reduce the possibility that our technicians could bring any virus into our customers’ rotary dairy parlors. We have been, and will continue, to fortify as many aspects of our supply chain as possible, including increasing our inventory levels, verifying source availability, and reviewing logistics strategies.

Dairy production is vital to the world and Green Source Automation is here to support you and make sure your production continues efficiently despite the current pandemic. Our dairy robots are cleaning, sanitizing and stimulating as many teats today as they did yesterday, and dairy owners can rely on Green Source Automation to deal with this situation responsibly while we strive to keep your operations running seamlessly.


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