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GSA expands lead in the automation race

11 March 2016

Another dairyman has joined the dairy automation revolution that Green Source Automation began nearly a decade ago. Box Canyon Dairy will start with one RotaryMATE EXPD post-dip robot and is preparing their new 80-stall Delaval rotary for adding the RotaryMATE EXPS pre-dip robot in the future.

“We were ready to move to a rotary parlor for our milking process,” said Jerimy Craig, co-owner of Box Canyon Dairy. “We evaluated Delaval and Boumatic rotaries and the automation solutions they provided. In that evaluation process, it became very clear that Green Source Automation offers the only proven solution in the market. Their systems are operating in barns throughout the US and have been proven to perform consistently in a wide variety of environments. We are very excited to add the RotaryMATE solution to our new rotary.”

Box Canyon Dairy milks 4,000 head and will run their rotary at 6 seconds/stall.

Others have attempted to create a post-dip sprayer robot, but these solutions do not meet the basic requirements that dairymen have. However, the RotaryMATE meets the customers’ needs:

  1. The RotaryMATE is not a general sprayer. Using GSA’s patented vision technology, the robot identifies the four teats of each cow in real-time and applies dip to those targets. This means less waste of the expensive dip.
  2. The RotaryMATE can operate at 5 seconds/stall. No other solution comes close to this speed.
  3. The RotaryMATE is an industrial-grade, heavy-duty robot that can withstand the rigors of the dairy environment and withstand the punishment a cow-kick can inflict.
  4. The RotaryMATE is reliable and can outperform the human labor it is intended to replace. This allows dairyman to realize true savings in their operation.

After visiting a Green Source customer’s dairy who was running a RotaryMATE EXPD and RotaryMATE EXPS, Box Canyon’s herd manager said, “Outside of the birth of my children, these robots are the most amazing thing I have ever seen!”

Toby Millican, owner of Progressive Dairy Service, a dairy services dealer that has partnered with Green Source on the Box Canyon project, said, “We represent great manufacturers and brands for our customers, and our objective is always to ensure that our customers receive solutions that make their operations run right. Green Source Automation is a partner we are thrilled to be working with and introducing to our customers like Box Canyon and others. This is an exciting time for automation in the dairy industry, and Green Source and their RotaryMATE system is far and away the leader in the space.”


If you are ready to add automation to your rotary parlor, or you’re building a new rotary and want to make sure it is “automation-ready”, contact Green Source and we will provide free engineering consultation to ensure you can install high-speed automation to your operation. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 209-531-9163.


If you are ready to introduce your customers to high-speed automation solutions for their rotary parlors, contact Green Source to learn more about our partner programs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prepare for Automation

Build your new rotary milking parlor with dairy automation in mind. Green Source engineers will work with you at no charge to ensure that your new rotary is built for the future of the dairy industry.

Contact Green Source Automation for a free consultation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 209-531-9163.

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