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Millions and counting

23 October 2011

We like to think of the RotaryMATE as this cutting-edge, brand new technology. While it's true that the RotaryMATE is the only solution in the market that can automate the labor positions of the rotary and allow for continuous motion of the rotary, the truth is — our technology has been working in dairies across the country for more than two years. In technology years, we might as well be getting sized for dentures.

Teats dipped and counting:

With more than 200 million teats processed since 2009

Of course, for our customers, being a proven, time-tested and field-tested technology does have its benefits. Here are a few:

  1. The concept is no longer simply theory. It has been proven over and over again and dairies are daily reaping the benefits of the RotaryMATE: savings on labor, savings on dip usage, more consistent processing of the herd, and the contribution to herd health and happiness.
  2. Millions of processes. With more than 200 million teats processed since 2009, we have seen virtually every size and shape of udder and teat that there is on multiple breeds, and the technology has been optimized along the way. This means all of our customers, current and new, benefit from this real-world field experience.
  3. Herd training. Introducing a robot to a herd of cows is a delicate process. Ultimately they end up loving it for its gentleness and consistency, but at first it is a new experience that they have to be acclimated to. Our herd training technique has been refined and optimized through each installation. Now our customers benefit from a simple process that yields easy acceptance of the robot by the herd in a brief time period.
  4. Integrating with existing rotary parlors. We've installed and integrated with virtually every manufacturer's rotary parlor. This means we've been able to identify the issues and solutions to make sure the two systems work together flawlessly. It also means you don't need to buy a new rotary in order to reap the rewards of automation – the RotaryMATE will work with what you already have in place.
  5. Different climates. We've also had the pleasure of working in a wide variety of climates from California to Wisconsin and overcoming the challenges weather and temperature can bring out.
  6. Different herd sizes. Our customer base contains farmers with herds in the sub-1000 cow range and herds with more than 10,000 cows. Because of this, we've been able to work through implementing the technology while addressing the specific differences that herd sizes have. And this also means that we've successfully optimized the solution for different-sized rotaries as well.

When we first started developing the technology several years ago, we often heard questions from farmers wondering whether or not automation would come to the rotary and catch on.

With automation clearly having its foothold in the stall-based format in small and medium-sized herds and with the RotaryMATE proving the success of automation for large herds, there is no longer any doubt that automation in the rotary has arrived.

Now the question we hear is not whether automation will catch on, but "how quickly should I add automation to my rotary so that I don't get left behind?"

The answer is for you to decide.

If you're ready to begin taking steps now, a good first step is to visit one of the barns that is already using the RotaryMATE. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a visit.

Prepare for Automation

Build your new rotary milking parlor with dairy automation in mind. Green Source engineers will work with you at no charge to ensure that your new rotary is built for the future of the dairy industry.

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