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Progressive Canadian Dairy Adds Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE

Progressive Canadian Dairy Adds Green Source Automation’s RotaryMATE

10 March 2020

Hogendoorn Dairy, located in Baden, Ontario, Canada, is a shining example of how RotaryMATE automation solutions can be applied to dairy operations of all sizes. Hogendoorn is currently milking 480 cows twice a day on a 60 stall rotary system. In this instance Green Source Automation’s products were applied specifically to address labor challenges.

Jim Frias, President of Green Source Automation, said “Many people think that automation only makes sense in large scale dairy operations or 24 hour milking parlors, Hogendoorn proves that RotaryMate products can solve lifestyle challenges just as well as efficiency challenges.”

Labor challenges have long been present industry wide. “What farmers and ranchers will tell you is that finding labor has been increasingly difficult for several decades,” said Veronica Nigh an economist with the American Farm Bureau Federation. “Even during the economic downturn, farmers were having trouble sourcing labor.” At Hogendoorn RotaryMATE was the perfect solution.

Hogendoorn is milking 480 cows in less than two hours on their rotary parlor and Kees Hogendoorn was having trouble finding part time employees willing to work two hour shifts twice a day. The RotaryMATE EXPS was a natural choice for this progressive dairy operation.

“The RotaryMATE has eliminated our need for part-time help in the milking parlor and now family members can get the milking done themselves without hassles of finding and managing part-time employees. We love our animals and they thrive with the consistency this solution offers.”

Hogendoorn Dairy is yet another example of the many different types of rotary parlor environments where Green Source Automation has had the chance to work with cows. Every new customer helps us learn new ways to improve and develop our technologies and this has led to an industry-proven brush approach to clean and stimulate the cows once they have entered the rotary. The combination of the brushes with and the pre-dip creates an elegant solution for cleaning, sanitizing, and stimulating the cows before the milk clusters are attached.

In addition to solving the Hogendoorn’s labor issues, the RotaryMATE EXPS has delivered cost savings and more consistent cow-handling, leading to increased yields, faster let-downs and improved animal health. Managing lifestyle was the motivating factor in exploring automation solutions but it turns out there were a multitude of benefits.

GSA’s Integrated Assurance Program (IAP) helps keep their RotaryMATE on task and ensures that Hogendoorn Dairy will continue to receive the benefits of GSA’s technological evolution.

“The IAP is an important part of our partnership with Green Source Automation,” said Kees Hogendoorn, “it makes sure the RotaryMATE is always on-line delivering consistent performance. Cows love consistency and we love knowing we have a solution that will continue to evolve as the technology does.”

GSA’s Integrated Assurance Program was created to ensure that our products are maintained properly and consistently perform with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. It has also helped reduce implementation costs for dairy operations and made it possible for more dairy’s to partner with GSA. Jim Frias said of the program “We worked very hard designing the IAP so that it would foster a true partnership with our customers and it is working. The program has reduced initial costs substantially and our continued involvement ensures that the products are always operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness. It also ensures that our customers continue to benefit from the technological advances we make as automation evolves.”

Green Source Automation is an industry leader in robotic solutions for the dairy business. We’d love you to see our technology first hand so contact us today to arrange a farm tour in your region.

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