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RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS sets new speed records

17 June 2022

Reaching 3.6 seconds per stall the RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS can now help process 1,000 cows per hour

Jerome, ID June 10, 2022 — Green Source Automation ("GSA") is pleased to announce that the RotaryMATE EXPSplus is now operating at speeds up to 3.6 seconds per stall. GSA has long been at the forefront of rotary dairy automation and this latest accomplishment demonstrates their continued commitment to staying at the leading edge of automation in the dairy industry.

So much more than a simple teat spraying robot, the RotaryMATE EXPSplus is GSA's combination dip, clean, stimulate and wipe robot. It can replace multiple labor positions while also reducing towel costs. Reaching speeds up to 3.6 seconds per stall means the EXPSplus can service up to 1000 cows per hour with only 2 human laborers in the parlor, that's 500 cows per man hour.

“GSA has long been the leader in high-speed rotary dairy automation, and we have continued to evolve in step with the dairy industry as it continues to face labor and efficiency challenges,” said Brad Tripp, Green Source Automation sales manager. “As the industry trends toward bigger and faster rotaries and the need to milk greater numbers of cows, GSA has stepped up to provide automation solutions that operate faster and more efficiently helping dairy operations to increase productivity and solve labor issues while saving money and increasing the consistency that helps cows thrive. We are pleased that we have achieved our goal of hitting 3.6 seconds, but we are not stopping. We plan to achieve 3.0 seconds by the end of the year.”

In addition to the EXPSplus' role on the pre-dip side of the parlor, our RotaryMATE EXPD post dip robot is reaching the same industry-leading speeds. When combined, these two automation solutions afford dairy farmers the ability to milk 1,000 cows per hour with only two carousel laborers, a roamer and an attacher. Coupled with GSA's unique and guaranteed Integrated Assurance Plan that perpetually provides an ongoing level of service, ensures the robots operate consistently, and continues to evolve with our customers and partners, the RotaryMATE automation solutions provide unmatched value while eliminating variable and unknown costs to operate. We strive to make new steps forward every day and continue to set new standards in the industry.

See it in Action

With RotaryMATE placements now throughout the US, seeing a system in action continues to be more convenient than ever. If a barn tour or more information is desired, please inquire at

About Green Source Automation, LLC:

Green Source Automation began work in dairy automation over fifteen years ago and is a global leader and innovator in rotary dairy automation. Focusing on high speed, precision dairy automation, GSA has continued to be the driving force in efficient quality milk production. With solutions for all size rotaries, GSA is poised to continue to keep up with a rapidly changing dairy industry. The precision and consistency delivered by the RotaryMATES is key to increasing quality milk production. Visit our website to learn more.

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