RotaryMATE Showcase Recap: the "Pre" Delivers As Promised

Ceres, CA, February 21, 2012 – Over the past two weeks more than fifty dairymen from some of the largest dairies in the country descended on a local farmer's barn in California to view the latest advances in rotary parlor automation.

The response that was heard from virtually every person that witnessed it can be summed up in a word, "impressive."

The dairymen saw the RotaryMATE EXPD apply post-dip chemicals with pin-point accuracy to the teats of each cow before they exited the rotary parlor. They also saw the recently released RotaryMATE EXPS clean, sanitize, and stimulate the udders and teats prior to the milking-clusters being attached.

The cows were relaxed and comfortable as the robotic arms addressed them on both sides of the rotary parlor.

Having the RotaryMATE solutions in the rotary parlor does more than merely save costs on labor and chemical usage, though these savings are substantial and easily justify the cost of the solutions. In addition, cows are handled the same way each time, which can result in more consistent production and can lead to increased yields. Animal health is also improved because the RotaryMATE is able to perform at a high level with unwavering consistency that traditional man-power simply cannot duplicate due to fatigue, distraction, error, etc.

The bottom-line result is that the dairy runs better, the cows are healthier and "happier," and the dairymen are able to have a more profitable operation for the long-term.

To see a video of the RotaryMATE EXPS and EXPD in action, click here.

A Shift in Thinking

The big "take away" from the RotaryMATE Showcase this year compared to previous years is that there has been a significant shift in the way dairymen are thinking about their barns and the role that automation should have in it.

When we started this process nearly five years ago, there were many lessons we learned about the product and the barn operation. But some of the biggest challenges to overcome were getting farmers to think differently about their operation – to view it as a continuous motion system that is in a prime position to reap the benefits of robotic automation.

Now, this conversation has shifted. Farmers are seeing the benefits of automation more clearly and are viewing the further adoption of automation solutions like the RotaryMATE not as a nice-to-have accessory but as a must-have necessity if they want to remain competitive and achieve exceptional results from their dairy operations.

And as dairies continue to expand the size of their herds, this shift in thinking is playing a major role in their expansion plans, and Green Source Automation is committed to helping dairy farmers achieve their automation goals.

Thank You

A special thanks from the entire Green Source Automation team to all those who were able to make it out this year, from the dairymen to herd managers to rotary parlor manufacturers. Some of the dairies who were represented this year include:

  • Airoso Dairy Farms
  • Aquila Farms, LLC
  • Bos Dairy LLC
  • Charles Ahlem Dairy
  • Dekker Dairy Farms, LLC
  • Forget Me Not Farms
  • Frisia Farms
  • Goff Dairy
  • Hammink Dairy
  • Joe Fernandes and Sons Dairy
  • Johann Dairy
  • Midway Dairy, LLC
  • Morning Star Dairy
  • Sundance Dairy
  • Valdemiro Martin Dairy
  • Valsigna Dairy
  • Van Vliet Dairy
  • Wickstrom Dairy Farms
  • Wild Cat Dairy

Schedule a Visit

If you would like to see RotaryMATE solutions in person, we're delighted to schedule a time with you to visit one of the many working barns around the country that are using Green Source Automation technology. Click here to schedule a visit.


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