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The Promise of Rotary Automation Made a Reality

The Promise of Rotary Automation Made a Reality

05 September 2011

Green Source Automation launches the RotaryMATE EXPS pre-stimulation unit, the robotic solution to complement the successful RotaryMATE EXPD post-dip unit.

Ceres, CA — Green Source Automation launches the next revolutionary product in the line of field-proven automation robots for rotary parlors. With over thirty thousand cows treated and over 50 million treatments at multiple dairies in operation in CA, WI, and IN, the promise of rotary automation is finally a reality.

“The rotary parlor offers a lot to the dairy industry in terms of speed and cow throughput, but in its current state, a lot of continuous human labor is required to keep it running 24/7,” said Jim Frias, President of Green Source Automation. “With our technology, the rotary can become a truly automated system, rather than a mostly-automated one that requires enormous amounts of repetitive human interaction.”

The results speak for themselves. The early adopters of Green Source Automation technology have saved money on labor, dip usage, animal health (the technology can contribute to a reduction in somatic cell counts), and the improvement in overall cow “happiness” (leading to increased milk yields) from the consistent, gentle processing of the RotaryMATE.

As one customer put it, the RotaryMATE “doesn’t take lunch breaks, doesn’t mind working weekends, and doesn’t have any problems at home to worry about on the job!”

“Full automation is where the dairy industry is headed,” Frias said. “I’ve seen and driven this kind of market transition to automation in the winery and bottled water industries over the past two decades, and dairy is now right there at that exciting point where the whole industry moves forward. The shift to automation is here, and Green Source is making it possible right now. And our new affordable rental program allows dairy farmers to improve cash flow and realize the financial benefits of automation almost immediately.”

The new RotaryMATE EXPS unit cleans and disinfects the udder and teats once the cow has entered the rotary stall prior to milking cups being attached.

The RotaryMATE EXPD unit applies post-dip to the cow teats before they leave the rotary.

The units treat each cow with pin-point accuracy within 6 seconds so that the rotary never stops and can do what it is designed to do – keep the cows moving and milking.

With the RotaryMATE system, the rotary is clean and quiet and the cows are addressed identically each time, which leads to increased, more consistent production from the herd.

To schedule a visit to a dairy using the RotaryMATE technology, call Green Source Automation at 209-531-9155 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Green Source Automation:

Green Source Automation is the leader in the emerging dairy automation industry, delivering cutting-edge robotics technology. Medium and large dairy herds across the United States use Green Source Automation's revolutionary technology to more fully automate the milking process and improve their dairy businesses. More information is available at

Prepare for Automation

Build your new rotary milking parlor with dairy automation in mind. Green Source engineers will work with you at no charge to ensure that your new rotary is built for the future of the dairy industry.

Contact Green Source Automation for a free consultation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 209-531-9163.

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