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The Rotary Revolution

Over the past 15 years the rotary dairy parlor has entered a new age of efficiency

Within the world of assembly-line production, continuous flow production methods have been recognized as the optimal approach and this holds true for dairy parlors as much as it does for automotive manufacturing.

The rotary parlor is the essence of continuous flow production, as the platform rotates and brings the cows through 5 geographic stations where different tasks are performed.

The teat prep or pre-dip position debris cleans, sanitizes, and stimulates the teats prior to milking. Teat sanitization is necessary for the well-being of the cow and the safety of the milk and pre-stimulation triggers milk let-down.

After sanitization and stimulation, a wipe position facilitates manual or mechanical removal of the excess pre-dip solution followed by the attachment position where the milking clusters are attached to the teats. After these three functions are carried out there is usually a roamer to oversee cows being milked and provide special attention to any milking units that may be slipping or knocked off by the cows.

Once the cows are milked, a postdip solution must be applied to the teats before the cows return to the barn.

Automation of these positions offers a variety of benefits including labor savings, reduced material consumption, and, most importantly, consistency. Cows thrive on consistency and there is nothing more consistent than Green Source Automation’s dairy robots to perform the pre-dip and post-dip functions.

Predip and Wiper Automation


The RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS is yet another revolutionary advance in rotary dairy automation from GSA.

Building on the best-in-class RotaryMATE EXPS we have taken this dairy robot one step further to also achieve teat wiping. The EXPSPLUS will completely automate the pre-dip and wiper positions by performing teat cleaning, teat sanitizing, teat stimulation, and teat wiping at speeds up to 4.2 seconds per stall.

The labor savings of the EXPS have been doubled and the EXPSPLUS virtually eliminates laundry costs, making for a fast and impressive ROI. The increased consistency dairy robots provide in these positions makes for happier, healthier, and more productive cows.

Named one of World Ag Expo's Top 10 New Products of 2021

Green Source Automation is proud to announce that World Ag Expo®, the largest agricultural trade show of its kind, has selected GSA’s new RotaryMATE EXPSPLUS as one of the top ten new products of the year.

Predip Automation


The RotaryMATE EXPS advanced dairy robotics to a new level and proved to be a game-changer in the world of rotary dairy automation. Operating at speeds up to 4.2 seconds per stall this dairy robot completely automates the predip position by performing teat cleaning, teat sanitizing, and teat stimulation.

The brushes on this rotary robot remove debris from the teats and udder and, when combined with the ECAlogical Generator, use electrolyzed water as a sanitizing agent reducing the possibility for infection and lowering the likelihood of both mastitis and bimodality. As the brushes grab onto the teats they also perform automatic prestimulation which can lead to faster milk let down. Some GSA customers have reported their fastest ever let-down after using the EXPS.

The RotaryMATE EXPS delivers significant labor savings

And, more importantly, incredibly consistent teat prep protocols which help the entire dairy operation run better. Because of the superior cleaning performance and teat stimulation capabilities of the EXPS we often see increased yields, faster milk let-downs, improved animal health, and more productive workers.

Postdip Automation


The RotaryMATE EXPD was GSA’s first step into rotary parlor automation. The EXPD’s continued evolution in both speed and accuracy now has it performing automatic postdip application as fast as 4.2 seconds per stall.

Like the EXPS, the EXPD uses GSA’s patented VisiMAX technology to let the RotaryMATE see in real-time 3D, analyzing teat location 20 times per second and allowing pinpoint accuracy in the postdip application. This accuracy brings lower chemical usage and that means lower costs.

The labor savings and lower chemical usage provide by the RotaryMATE EXPD lead to a fast ROI but more importantly the EXPD delivers more consistent milk harvest protocols which helps the entire operation run better and can contribute to increased yields, improved animal health with lower somatic cell counts and more productive workers.

Maintenance and Support

Integrated Assurance Program

The Integrated Assurance Program (IAP) is GSA’s way of partnering with our customers to ensure that our RotaryMATEs continue to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness. The development of the IAP helped us lower initial costs for rotary dairy operators while providing the support, technology, and assistance to keep the rotary robots operating at their best.

The IAP fosters a true partnership with our customers and aligns our interests through the future. The program ensures that our products are maintained properly and that they consistently perform with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. GSA’s extensive and long-standing history with automation solutions has given us an intimate understanding of the maintenance and operational needs of dairy robots and the costs associated with maximizing their run times.

With the IAP there will be no expensive surprises and you will have a consistent and predictable monthly expense for the life of the program. Additionally, the IAP allows us to provide you with Performance Guarantees that assure a minimum percentage of accurately processed cows every month providing the consistency you need to enhance your dairy operation.

The Integrated Assurance Program builds a lasting relationship with our customers and includes all parts and labor supplied to provide:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Software Updates
  • Robot Arm and EOAT Repair and Replacement

Dairy automation helps provide the consistency cows thrive on and the Integrated Assurance Program means the robots will do their job again and again within strict operational parameters. The consistency this provides means healthier, happier cows. The program also means that our customers will continue to to benefit from the technological advances we make as our automation solutions evolve.

Components and Extras


The heart of our robotic dairy automation solutions lies in Green Source Automation’s proprietary technologies. The patented VisiMAX Vision System lets the RotaryMATE’s see in real-time 3D and analyze teat location 20 times per second. This break-through technology allows the robotic system to react instantly to its environment and track all the elements necessary to maximize performance. The accuracy afforded by this real-time information can reduce teat dip usage, lowering dip costs, and provide significant labor savings.


GSA’s RotaryMATEs are built on the versatility and reliability of world-renowned FANUC robots. FANUC is the world leader in robotic technology and has been creating automation solutions for over 40 years. As the leading supplier of robotics, FANUC has over 24 million products installed worldwide in aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, e-commerce, education, food & beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.



When it comes to the chemical solutions used for pre-dip and post-dip applications Green Source Automation is proud to be a distributor of the ECALogical ECActiv Generating System by Recon Technologies. The ECActiv Generating System has proven to be an economical and effective option for automated predip and automated postdip applications, it can save your dairy hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

The premise for the ECActiv is simple. Electrolyse a salt and water solution and dairy farmers can generate their own chlorine solution known as ECA (Electro Chemically Activated solution).

The ECActiv system is not a blending or mixing station, nor is it a dilution system. It is a manufacturing system that lets farmers produce their own solution and gives them control over their consumable costs. This American made Chlorine Generator boasts a 5 second kill time against most commonly found pathogens.