When the first RotaryMATE robot was launched, it was a groundbreaking technology, designed to marry the efficient cow-throughput of a rotary parlor with the consistency and accuracy of a commercial robot. After years in the market and as adoption of the technology has increased, now farmers all across the country are benefiting from the implementation of this automation solution. With more than 250 Million teats processed, the RotaryMATE is the only field-proven solution in the market.

The RotaryMATE EXPD delivers chemicals with pin-point accuracy to the teats of the cows after the milking clusters have been detached. The patented VisiMAX vision system allows the robot to identify the teats and spray the chemicals all while the rotary never stops. In fact, some Green Source Automation operate their rotary parlors at sub-6 seconds, and the RotaryMATE can easily perform its function on each animal as they pass by.

The RotaryMATE EXPD delivers cost-savings on labor and chemical usage as well as more consistent cow-handling, which helps the entire operation run better and can contribute to increased yields, improved animal health and somatic cell counts, and more productive workers. Factoring only the labor cost-savings, the payback on the system is only two to three years.


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